Get To Know Your Shopgirl! This Week: Amber

April 15, 2015 — Regine Paquette

Weekly Recap, Kristina Style.

Ooooh boy. This week has been bonkers for us! Regine and Katie were painting the town gold (way better than painting it red) in NYC, the Toronto shop hosted its...
July 02, 2014 — Kristina

Champagne Pop'y PARTY!

Well, well, well. Looks like it's officially summer. And it's far from over. We started from the very bottom and now we're here.... FINALLY. Summer solstice: over and done with....

Thank You for Party Rocking

April 28, 2014 — Kristina (

Such Camo, SO PARTY.

Camo: it's back, with a vengeance. Embrace it with open arms, as we have. AMBER SUCH CAMO WOWNew to the shop is a line designed and made here in Toronto called...
April 22, 2014 — Kristina (