We had our official opening party at the 129 Ossington location last Thursday and it was a blast. It was super gratifying to have new faces among our Toronto customers come out, as well as many Ottawa ex-pats. Not only that, we were lucky enough to have other cool business buds stop by (like the fine people from White Elephant, Coal Miner's Daughter, CrywolfTown MotoBellwoods BreweryEleven Thirty, Easy Tiger Goods, SOOP SOOP, Philip Sparks, Crafted Coffee, some of the WORNettes, and many more and if I didn't include you in the list, it's because I probably never got to chat with you as I was probably busy replenishing the pizza slices and wine). We also had some of our Canadian designers come out as well (like Garry from Galtani, Amanda Moss, Leilanni Todd, Emily Valentine, Charziie, Yo Sick Zine and Rosehound Apparel, to name a few). 
To start out, talented artist Julia Dickens outfitted the shop with a beautiful new window display with spray-painted flowers and hand-painted banners just in time for the party. 
Julia Dickens and her window display for 129 Ossington. Just another diamond day. 
We were so overwhelmed with how many people showed up to shop and chat that we didn't take lots of photos, but we managed to capture a few snaps of food mostly, cuz... well... no surprise there.  
The spread.... PARTY PIZZA! HECK YA! 
Charziie cropped pizza tshirt, IRL. 
NOT GOOD FOR YOU: donuts, candy, chips, Orange Crush and Coca Cola. And smiley face table-tennis balls (do not ingest). 
DONUT GOGGLES, DELICIOUS. Vegan sprinkle donuts from TBC Vegan Baking Co

BOSS LADIES: (l to r) Katie, Hollie from White Elephant, Krysten from Coal Miner's Daughter. 

PARTY ANIMAL: Amanda Moss showing off the TWO t-shirts she picked up (and wore, simultaneously) that night. 
THE TASTE OF VICTORY: Amazingly, our buddy Shannon found a champagne called Victoire for us! WOW! 
SWEET: Hollie and Jane from White Elephant surprised us with a celebratory s'more cupcake delivery. Aww Shucks.

The only photo taken of us Victoire ladies all together, after we kicked everyone out. Amber, Katie, Reg, Emily and Kristina. 
It kinda seems like there were no other people at the party, since we spaced on taking action photos, but LOOK! Real people actually came! 
PACKED HOUSE! Thanks buddies! 
Thanks for coming, friends! You made us so happy! 
See you at the new party. 
April 28, 2014 — Kristina (noreply@blogger.com)