Opened in June of 2006, Victoire offers a well-edited mix of ideas and trends — mixing edgy wares with more classic pieces, owners Régine and Katie create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. 

Focusing primarily on Canadian designers, mixing in a select few American designers, the store’s aesthetic point can only be described as a “Rock ’n’ Roll tea party”. The result is a shopping experience akin to going through your most stylish friend’s closet – you know, the one who always manages to look great, but effortless at the same time, and is always mixing old with new, high with low, tradition with transgression?

The Partners

Regine Paquette

Like the bull in a china shop, Regine is where Victoire gets its “rough around the edges” aesthetic. A childhood spent manning lemonade stands and pretending her bathtub was a pharmacy naturally led to a future in entrepreneurship and shopkeeping. An appreciation for vintage clothing, 70s rock bands and Lisa Frank stickers influence her daily wardrobe choices. She works hard, but naps harder.

Katie Frappier

Victoire is the combination of so many of Katie's dreams. Getting to work in a beautiful environment, helping women feel awesome about themselves and their bodies, being embedded in a collaborative community and hopefully inspiring others to follow their dreams. Katie's side project is raising her kids to be happy, helpful and inspired.

Our Staff

Victoire is lucky enough to have an amazingly talented pool of employees. You are sure to fall in love with each of them just as we have. Here is a little ‘get to know you’ cheat sheet:

Kristina is bubbly, hilarious and a tech-wiz. She's holding it down for us in the 416, and is also THE person to ask for a clever one-liner.

Shaya has style and creativity up the ying-yang. She heads up the Steel Magnolia design team and works hard at keeping us bosses in the know.

Ainslie manages our Ottawa shops and we couldn't manage without her! We brought this mermaid on land to help y'all have the best shopping experience ever. With design and sales experience up the wazoo, you are sure to love shopping with the charming and sweet .

Emily joined our team at about the exact time we went from being a teeny tiny 2-woman show to a multiple location outfit with a growing team and customer base. You can definitely count on her for amazing customer service, or recreating the Beyonce video of your dreams


Victoire loves to introduce you to your new favourite Canadian designer!

We are so lucky to live in a country with amazing talent and with their superior quality we consider their goods the vintage of tomorrow. We do also make a little room for some of our favourite independent designers from away, but just a little!

Who We Carry