Curating Canadian Fashion Since 2006.

Victoire Boutique curates a collection of Canadian designers making clothing that combines joyful style, sustainable and ethical manufacturing, with a goal of being the vintage of tomorrow. For well over fifteen years, the majority of women's clothing and accessories we showcase in our Ottawa shop are proudly and ethically made in Canada. We are slow fashion at our core. We don't believe in any fashion rules other than joyously dressing for yourself.

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Since 2006, Victoire has been a leader in representing the very best of independent Canadian fashion while championing sustainable and ethical business practices. Victoire is a trailblazer in showcasing the talent of established and emerging Canadian designers in its Ottawa location and online.

What the world has to say about Victoire.

Ottawa indie fashion shop one of the best nationwide

Elle Canada has voted Ottawa’s Victoire as one of the top six indie fashion boutiques in the country to watch. Victoire has an upbeat, feminine aesthetic and an impressive selection of Canadian designers. When you walk into this lovely, eclectic boutique, you feel as though you're perusing a vintage boudoir, complete with floral wallpaper and antique furniture.

Victoire is tapping into the diverse needs of shoppers to offer welcoming and bias-free service

A scroll through Victoire's social media feed reveals a range of models showing off its wares, some created by genderless brands. "We try to show that any piece can be worn by anyone."

7 Things I Learned About Style During The Pandemic

I couldn’t tell you who the CEOs of Aritzia or Simons are, but I have gotten size advice directly from owners Regine and Katie of Ottawa’s Victoire Boutique. (...) I know these people. They are my neighbours, my friends. (...) When I purchase locally, I feel like I get to be part of this super cool club of terrific women designers and entrepreneurs. And this makes my whole brain very, very happy.

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