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Osei Duro

Maryanne Mathias and Molly Keogh are designers from Canada and the United States respectively. Osei-Duro was founded in 2011 and the company is based in Vancouver and Accra. The line currently produces textiles and garments in Ghana, applying hand techniques to simple contemporary designs, by sewers and dyers who are paid well above minimum wage.  
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Osei Duro Kpong Trousers (Cut & Paste)

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Size: 2XL 3XL

Osei Duro Sampa Dress (2 Party)

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Osei Duro Imperium Dress (Bullfrog by Midnight)

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Size: L 3XL

Osei Duro Causa Dress (Sidewalk Chalk)

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Size: XS L

Osei Duro Maena Boubou Dress (Elaine)

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Size: XS S M XL

Osei Duro Maena Boubou Dress (Internet Baby)

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