When You're Feeling Like a Caryatid - Victoire Boutique

When You're Feeling Like a Caryatid

Dressing yourself shouldn't come last. When life has you feeling like a caryatid, the pillar holding up the entire weight of the building, don't forget the caryatid is dressed impeccably! Let's choose to see this as an affirmation of the power of style, and perhaps also a nod to dressing for the sisterhood of caryatids around you.
Rise of the Jumpsuits! - Victoire Boutique

Rise of the Jumpsuits!

The last few seasons have taken the jumpsuit out of the "most sought after vintage find" category and placed it in "can't wait to see what version my fave Canadian...
June 12, 2017 — Ainslie Lahey
Winona Wednesday: Layering Queen - Victoire Boutique

Winona Wednesday: Layering Queen

My personal close friend Winona has given us a wide range of menswear-inspired looks that are as majestic and understated as the actor herself. We love this idea of taking...

Pleets to Meet Ya

November 03, 2014 — Regine Paquette