Shaya's Fave Things

It's been fun to see what my fellow shop gals top 5 picks of pretty things are. Now that it's my turn, have a look at some of my fave...
July 13, 2014 — Shaya Ishaq

More Mosley!

We are so lucky to have so many prints coming into the goods section at the Wellington shop. Local artist Drew Mosley recently released four new prints and they are...
June 25, 2014 — emily rose

Maru x Drew Mosley

There's been a lot of anticipation about a collaboration that's been in the works between two of Ottawa's finest - local artist Drew Mosley and Maru the Circle Brand designer...
April 27, 2014 — Ainslie Lahey (

Drew Mosley's Goods

January 09, 2014 — Shaya Ishaq (

ARBORETUM Video ft. Great People and News about Magpie Restock!

Hey, so more Arboretum news!Firstly, we thought it would be great to share with you this little video made by the fine people of Jackpine where Regine, Drew Mosley and...
August 07, 2013 — Kristina (

Victoire loves Arboretum Festival

Arboretum Arts Festival. It's happening and it's happening soon (August 16 and 17, mark it down) and it's gonna be amazing. Last year, the very first Arboretum Arts Festival was...
August 03, 2013 — Kristina (