Arboretum Arts Festival. It's happening and it's happening soon (August 16 and 17, mark it down) and it's gonna be amazing. Last year, the very first Arboretum Arts Festival was a smashing success with tons of great music, food AND events involving both of those things together. Heck yeah. This year promises to be even better. 

We're stoked to be an official retailer of Arboretum merch. That's right people, if this were the Olympics, we'd be like the Hudson's Bay of merch or whatever. Official stuff.

A whole arsenal of great people lent their talents this year to help make this event a success by making super-sweet swag for both you and me and our friends to sport. 

Our pal Drew Mosley (a fantastic local artist who has designed window displays for us, painted art we hang on our walls at home, as well as lent his carpentry skills to fix our antique cabinetry at the shops-- what can't he do?!) designed t-shirts and totes for the fest featuring the very badass goat you see below (bro's got serious horns, a peg leg, tattoos and wears an eye patch like it ain't no thang.BUT you can tell he's also kind of sensitive because he has a bird's feather delicately tied to his horn.. I would marry that guy if he were human).
Unisex tees, $20 each. Men's grey tee, $25. Totes $15. Available at both shops

We also have a limited quantity of beautiful Arboretum pins made by N-Product.

1.5″ , Salvaged oak pin, $20.
All proceeds from the merchandise we sell will go towards the artists, musicians and chefs that help make the Arboretum Arts Festival possible. Please support this homegrown festival and local makers of things (art, food, good times). Head over to their website to check out some of the great events they have lined up.

PLUS if you buy Arb2013 merch at Victoire, we'll give you 10% off your Victoire purchase. WIN WIN. You win, Arboretum Arts Festival wins.

Let's do this people.
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