I hope you guys don't mind when we turn this into kindof a travel blog! I went to Chicago last week and thought I'd share some of what we did.

Clockwise from top left: I totally get what all the fuss is about now around Intelligentsia Coffee. I had the most amazing drink there, that I still fantasize about and am going to try and recreate here at home. It was called the Love on Top (already sold), and was GRAPEFRUIT SODA poured over espresso. I know, it sounds kinda weird, but there is no finer beverage in my mind. It had all the things which I love - some carbonation by way of the soda, some caffeine, some sweetness, but perfectly counterbalanced by the espresso. I am telling you it was HEAVEN. // We went to the much recommended Big Star, which is like Chicago's El Camino, and they had these tiny cute 1$ beers! I couldn't resist. Cos one, well cheap beer, and two, I'm a sucker for anything miniature. // The queso is also from Big Star. When I'm in the US, I just can't resist queso. It's basically just melted cheese with some jalapenos, but still no one makes that here and I LOVE it. Happiness is melted cheese - am I right?? I had queso 2 days in a row guys. Please don't judge me. // We stayed for the first night we were in town at Longman & Eagle, which has a real Honor & Folly vibe (which is the place we've raved about before in Detroit), and it was just lovely. The staff was amazing, beautiful rooms with awesome amenities like mixtapes to listen to, and a great whiskey selection in their hotel bar/restaurant (or so I was told...I'm a novice to the whiskey game, so I ordered a whiskey flight to dip my toe in).

Everyone says that a boat tour of Chicago's architecture is a must, and I totally have to agree. Chicago's architecture is incredible, and proof that cities can be beautiful. This is some of the intricately detailed work inside the Chicago Cultural Center, which is where the Stefan Sagmeister Happy Show was taking place.

It was such a stroke of luck to be in town while the Happy Show was on. I'd read so much about it, and was so happy to see it in person. (Pics 1-3) // We also caught Daniel Clowes at the Museum of Contemporary Art. I came home with a copy of Mister Wonderful.

We couldn't NOT go to a Cubs game while in Chicago at Wrigley Field (the second oldest ballpark in the majors!). This lady was so sweet in her hand-knit sweater.

I've realized that I often become totally infatuated with a city after a first visit. Chicago was no exception. Proof of that is that I seriously considered buying these amazing shoes in a vintage shop. I passed in the end, a decision I may end up regretting.

I chose instead to come back with a more classic vintage Illinois tee. (And it says "I care" on the back!)

We drove back through Toronto and stayed there a few days for a friend's wedding before heading back home. As one last vacay indulgence, we treated ourselves to nail art manicures at Pinky's. I got my current favourite Jay-Z lyric.

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