These sleek, well-made cutting boards in our Goods section were a real hit this past Christmas season! They're great for serving and made of cabreuva wood in Ottawa by none other than artist and carpenter, Drew Mosley. In case you haven't already heard of this talented local, Drew is a prominent name in Ottawa's arts/creative community. He's well known for his striking paintings and illustrations of woodland creatures frozen in a moment of potential peril or secured safety. This side project to his incredible body of work is one we are pretty excited to have in our shop. Check them out! 

Drew has collaborated with many movers and shakers in town - including us at Victoire! This past summer, he painted a stunning patio table top for one of our favourite restaurants, Town, designed a wicked t-shirt for the Arboretum Arts Festival, and was one of 8 local artists to design jewelry for Magpie Jewellery's Support Local event,  Benchworks. Although this guy seems busy enough, Drew recently had a solo show at Ideaspace this early December that was beyond amazing. Pretty amazing fella, right? 

These cutting / serving / cheese boards range from $85-$95. 
"Fern Bear" print, $30. 
If you like what you see, swing by our Westboro location to check out the Goods sections for Drew Mosley's work! 
January 09, 2014 — Shaya Ishaq (