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We make gift shopping easy!

Whether you picked your aunt for secret Santa, or you're shopping for your coworker, we have gifts up the wazoo to choose from! At this time of year, we bring in as many great designers as possible so you can check everyone off! 

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Crush the Patriarchy with Victoire this International Women's Day!

The start of 2017 for women was rough, and since the incredible Women's March in January, women have continued to come together from all over the world to stand for equality in all its forms . While the Day Without Women idea comes from a good place, it is truly not...

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We make last minute shopping easy as pie!

If you're feeling frantic this week - stop, take a deep breath, and come into Victoire! We will ease the stress and take away that feeling of holiday madness. You'll enter a chill zone where we're listening to only the best Christmas songs (none of that Bieber xmas album k?)...

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Shop Local on Black Friday!

Black Friday is normally a crazy, overwhelming day for both shoppers and retail workers but we're making it easy for you to shop local and avoid the mall and the lines this year! Running a retail business while being pretty grossed out/terrified by a lot of the mindless consumerism taking over our...

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The Hunter by Danica Olders

We just received a big shipment of our pal Danica Olders The Lost City goods and boy did she deliver. This collection is called "The Hunter" and we are feeeeeeelin' it. Like her stuff in the past, her line is dark, eerie with a magical touch and just plain easy...

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