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Amber started with us at the Ottawa shop, back when we only had 1 location (but a whole lotta dreams!) So she's been part of the Victoire fam going back as far as 2009. Want proof & also the chance to see a pic of Baby Amber? Here she is on the blog way back when. Now she heads up our Toronto shop with her partner-in-crime Kristina. Creative, funny, whipsmart and a #parttimemodel for our webstore, Amber literally has her hand in so many parts of the Victoire pie.

1. What is your zodiac sign? 
Gemini through and through AKA Two Face Betch ;)
2. What do you do at Victoire?
I'm tempted to say I do it all, but you should know that really we all do it all - every one of us at Victoire handle everything from back-end boring computer and inventory stuff to social media to making photoshoots happen to interactions with customers to merchandising the shops and crafting window displays. We are very multitalented capable women. (Toot toot goes my own horn.) Drawing on the chalkboard is my favourite task though. 
3. Which Beyonce video most accurately embodies your true nature? 
Oh, for sure Freakum Dress. "Ladies, when you been with your man for a long time, every now and then you gotta go in the back of that closet and pull out that freakum dress." Pretty sure this is the first song that made me a full-on Beyonce fan. I was like "She gets me."
4. Tell us something you have picked up from your Mom.
I picked up a lot of things from my Mom - really, who hasn't? But when I try to think of the most important thing I picked up from her, it all comes down to this feeling I have that I should never be afraid of learning new things and of trying to do something myself. My mom is the queen of ripping up carpets and refinishing furniture and doing electrical work (that sometimes results in dishwasher fires) on her own. Really, both my parents are super resourceful people and big time DIY-ers. (Mom, that means Do It Yourself.) I've watched both my parents change a lot over the years and it makes me endlessly proud of them and very excited for my own future at the same time. Getting older means learning new things and getting better at stuff and being wiser!
5. Describe your perfect day off. 
Well duh, I wake up and it's beautiful and sunny out and I'm beside the most handsome sweet bb angel (that I happen to be dating) and we ride our bikes to get coffee and then go for a swim and then eat some delicious food and have some drinks on our little balcony. Maybe a couple friends come over and we have a potluck dinner! But ultimately the day is full of the most chill vibes and hey, maybe I even get a package full of free beautiful clothing delivered to me.

6. You are doing the slow, dramatic walk down the stairs in your prom dress in a teen movie. What song is playing?
Mmm, this is a tough one (lol I wrote these questions), but I am going to have to go with this old Chaka Demus and Pliers song Murder She Wrote which you may remember from the Save the Last Dance soundtrack. 
7. If your look had a name, what would it be?
70's Turtleneck Mom AKA Jumpsuit Queen AKA Does That Rise Come Any Higher?

8. Recommend something to me! 
I seriously recommend getting some friends together and just trying out the most absurd, non-daytime, non-natural makeup looks while drinking a bottle of sparkling wine. This is the time to try red eyeshadow and the glamour fake lashes from Shoppers and maybe even something conceptual like drawing white circles on your eyelids. Anything goes! Kristina and I did this recently and it was so fun. You can go out after or just stay home and take pictures of your glorious selves!

Also, visit Vermont! It is really beautiful and not that far. America is old and so the buildings are that much more interesting. Vermont has a really strong support local vibe that results in all restaurants serving Vermont beer and cider and a lot of farm-to-table style eating.

Thanks for reading and check out our new Spring deliveries online and in store!
April 15, 2015 — Regine Paquette