Ooooh boy. This week has been bonkers for us! Regine and Katie were painting the town gold (way better than painting it red) in NYC, the Toronto shop hosted its Champagne Pop'y party, Canada Day happened (hope you saw some fireworks fly), and like, LIFE. I feel like I've been running around for the last seven days, non-stop, but truth be told, I feel like I packed in a bunch of good memories. 

Let's RECAP though: 

Reg and Katie hit up the Big Apple to do some buying for the store which we'll be sharing with you over the next few days. Lolo, our youngest employee (she's almost 4), was definitely flexin' in NYC, with room service, bed jumping and balloons, among other things. We taught her well. 
Our littlest shopgirl, living it up in New York City with her mama Katie and auntie Reggie. 
Champagne Pop'y (a not so discreet reference to Drake's Instagram handle) was a really fun event we hosted at 129 Ossington last Thursday, where a bunch of people poured into the shop for some divine-sparkling-wine (not really champagne, as advertised, cuz like, that stuff is way more expensive) and deals. For instance, this lovely lady came in for the event with her buddy, and left in her new purchase. That's right -- you walk in in a pair of shorts, have a glass of bubbly with us, and leave in an elegant dress. It's the Victoire Way.
Eve Gravel Tobago dress, originally $230, now $180. Available online, at 129 Ossington and Dalhousie.
After the party, Amber and I (and a few pals) let loose a little bit to make a music video. In reality, it's just a video clip on Instagram, but hey, there's music, it's a video, people are dancing = MUSIC VIDEO. Good times. Here's a pic of us cutting a rug with artist and buddy, Julia Dickens (who did one of our first windows displays here!).
Dancing to some Iggy Azalea (POST-Drake). Cuz we're fancy.
Thanks to everyone who came out! Victoire has got fun stuff in store for all three shops in July with events, treats and more deals, so STAY TUNED!

My own weekend involved Pride rainbows (seriously, there was a gorgeous rainbow in the sky on Sunday after World Pride wrapped up -- MAGICAL and APPROPRIATE), BBQs, pool hoppin' and fine winin' and dinin' with buddies. My life doesn't always involve such festive and fun happenings, but I guess it was the only way to cap off the last week, which involved our party and most importantly, A WEDDING that I felt very grateful to attend and be a part of. Friday evening, two of my best friends, Courtney and Kemp, got hitched at City Hall. My friend Courtney made her own dress, without a pattern, out of RAW SILK, and finished it minutes before having to leave for the ceremony. Truly impressive! 
My BFF in her "11th hour" homemade dress and flowers from her mother-in-law's garden. 
I made a dramatic almost-missed-it entrance into the wedding chambers (to applause), vows were exchanged, papers were signed, and a few friends and family joined together for an epic feast at the Farmhouse Tavern.  My night finished on Kemp and Courtney's rooftop and it was one of those perfect summer nights. I hope everyone gets to have a perfect summer evening on a rooftop, ASAP. 

Basically, this week I was busy in the kind of way you always hope to be busy -- with good work times, good friends, good weather, good food, good drink and good hangouts. Too much goings-on to fully capture here on the Victoire blog, but feel free to catch up with us anytime through our shop's Instagram feed (@victoirelovesya) or my Instagram

July 02, 2014 — Kristina