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New arrivals from Valerie Dumaine, Eve Gravel, Birds of North America, Amanda Moss, Eleven Thirty, Sunja Link, Meemoza, Bodybag, and so much more!
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365 Days to Remember!

When we opened in 2006, we had no idea how many people our business would come to involve and the longevity that could be possible for a tiny shop with a tiny budget and two people's drive to make something unique
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Fully loaded with gifts for everyone on your list!

We're making it easy to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones.
Here are some picks that anyone would be excited to find under the tree!
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Starting off on the right foot with Pay-it-Forward

It may feel too early to be hearing festive music, it may feel annoying to be discussing Santa lists every night with little ones, and none of the good christmas specials have even started on TV.... but it is DEFINITELY the perfect time to put on your own Santa hat (literal or figurative) and be extra generous in giving to those in need. 
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The Stories We Tell Through Dressing

Clothing can be many things. A tool to give others a glimpse of your inner psyche, to use as a silent soap box, a personal refuge, armour, a proclamation of your emotional state, an autobiographical recording... 
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