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Colour Therapy

No need to look closely, our colour hues blast through any lingering winter blues! Stepping outside at this time of year we become colour detectives: bits of pinky-buds coming on branches, a brown muck that has a hopeful hue, perhaps even a little green if you really believe it...
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When You're Feeling Like a Caryatid

Dressing yourself shouldn't come last. When life has you feeling like a caryatid, the pillar holding up the entire weight of the building, don't forget the caryatid is dressed impeccably! Let's choose to see this as an affirmation of the power of style, and perhaps also a nod to dressing for the sisterhood of caryatids around you.
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Easy Polish, aka Luxurious Happenstance

This season at Victoire is partially an ode to the wardrobe embodied in the title above. Looking polished, but feeling as cozy as you would in your lounge pants. Embracing the pared-down without losing the refined. An interpretation of minimalism that is anything but "basic"!
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New arrivals from Valerie Dumaine, Eve Gravel, Birds of North America, Amanda Moss, Eleven Thirty, Sunja Link, Meemoza, Bodybag, and so much more!
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365 Days to Remember!

When we opened in 2006, we had no idea how many people our business would come to involve and the longevity that could be possible for a tiny shop with a tiny budget and two people's drive to make something unique
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