Victoire loves ya!


What starts off as tale as old as time in retail, takes a very Victoire twist!...

Ready for a Victoire story about transformation?  This starts off as a tale as old as time, in retail anyways...

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Gift Guides: Perfect Gifts That Fit!

We know it can be tricky to guess the size of the lucky person you're shopping for, which is why we're here to help you find those size-fluid styles that will make your loved one smile!
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Gift Guides: Perfect Gifts Under $25

Looking for gifts on a budget? We got you! Here are our ten favourite items in the shop under $25.
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Loud, confident and bold: In opinions and in dress

Whether you're someone who naturally stirs the pot in a group or someone who needs a soft entry, don't forget our clothing is political.

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Restocks on the season's biggest hits!

We've been busy bees! This week's update brought to you by L'intervalle, new Birds of North America, Eve Gravel and so much more! Fall is truly in full swing - that bite is in the air after a lovely and warm -(ish!) start, but boy have we seen you all jumping on the top styles so quickly!
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