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Colour Stories for your Everyday Narratives

The impact of a great piece in an under-utilized colour goes a long way to feeling inspired and re-interpret older pieces with a renewed zest! Making everyday dressing feel extra ;) 
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The Best in Canadian Made Denim

Iris Denim just gets it when it comes to what we want: Classic, never too trendy and always with that perfect fit in mind, our favourite Canadian denim duo has the best shapes and styles to date. After years of owning a vintage denim Mecca of a boutique, Jess and Lindsay have applied their knowledge to making the perfect denim. Which leaves denim shopping to be nothing but FUN for us.

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Multiple Tiers of Sustainability 

Choosing Canadian made is a very important sustainable based decision and it's so much fun to have that amplified through the sustainability of the fabric used. Isn't it great when fashion combines our ideas of ethics and beauty?!!
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Colour Therapy

No need to look closely, our colour hues blast through any lingering winter blues! Stepping outside at this time of year we become colour detectives: bits of pinky-buds coming on branches, a brown muck that has a hopeful hue, perhaps even a little green if you really believe it...
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When You're Feeling Like a Caryatid

Dressing yourself shouldn't come last. When life has you feeling like a caryatid, the pillar holding up the entire weight of the building, don't forget the caryatid is dressed impeccably! Let's choose to see this as an affirmation of the power of style, and perhaps also a nod to dressing for the sisterhood of caryatids around you.
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