Shopping ethically doesn't have to break the bank! Here are twenty gift ideas under $50, perfect for gifting to Secret Santas, neighbours, extended family and friends.

#1. Super Sensitive Tees, Prints and Stickers: This sweet Toronto-based brand has feelings-first sticker packs, prints and decals under $15, as well as short and long-sleeve tees from $30-$45. 

#2. Second Aura Jewelry: Based in Ottawa, Second Aura Jewelry is a line of minimalist earrings, necklaces and bracelets made out of sterling silver and gold fill. All their pieces are under $45!

#3. CoutuKitsch Jewelry and Hair Clips: This Calgary-based accessories line carries Y2K-inspired claw clips and barrettes under $25, as well as minimalist necklaces, rings and bracelets. 

#4. Danielle Wright Leather Pouches: Danielle Wright is a Hamilton-based visual artists who specializes in silk-screening leather goods. Her mini pouch is $38 and her larger pouch is $48. 

#5. Sainte-Cecile and Girl From Away T-Shirts: These tees are always a hot seller around the holidays! At only $39 each and available in unisex sizes, there's one perfect for everyone on your list. 

#6. Eugenia Chan Hair Clips: These vintage-inspired claw clips are available in many sizes and colours, ranging from $15-$40. The Midi Claw and Petit Claw are particularly popular!

#7. Le Bon Shoppe Socks: New socks are a stocking stuffer staple! Ranging from $13-$24, there's a perfect pair of fashion socks for everyone. 

#8. Vintagetears Jewelry: Based in Ottawa, all of Vintagetears' costume jewelry is under $39! These necklaces, bracelets and earrings are gold-plate over stainless steel, perfect for adding some elegance. 

#9. Hello Darling Co. Hair Accessories: You CAN be bold on a budget! Hello Darling Co.'s handmade hair accessories include scrunchies for $20 and headbands for $35.

#10. Andrea Stokes and Alisha Davidson Calendars: Know someone who needs help keeping track of what day it is? The Andrea Stokes Calendar features elegant art prints for $35, while the Alisha Davidson Calendar has whimsical illustrations for $28.

#11. Samantha Pleet, Really, Man? and Thief & Bandit Masks: We still have to wear masks for a while yet, so why not switch it up with a pretty new one? Thief & Bandit's are $19, Really, Man's? Fringe Mask is $30 and Samantha Pleet's range from $32-$44.

#12. Lovestruck Prints Tees and Pins: Made in Montreal, Lovestruck's tees for $30 and pins for $12 are the perfect surprise for the cute and sassy babe in your life.

#13. Really, Man? Tees, Totes and Sweats: Silkscreened in Toronto, all items by Really, Man? are $50 and under, including their bestselling sweaters and sweatpants.

#14. Cartouche MTL Earrings and Hair Clips: Made out of eco-friendly resin, Cartouche MTL's colourful handmade clips are under $30 and all their earrings are under $50.

#15. By Winifred Beaded Necklaces: Handbeaded in Ottawa, these '00s-inspired necklaces will take you right back to sleepaway camp!

#16. Sama Rakk Colourful Earrings: At only $45 a pair, Sama Rakk's colourful acrylic earrings are a great statement piece for the bold babe in your life.

#17. Metatron Press Poetry and Short Stories: Metatron is a Montreal-based small press specializing in poetry and short stories by emerging Canadian writers. Staff faves include Our Lady of Perpetual Realness, Knot Body and The End, By Anna. All these books are under $20!

#18. Munea Wadud Pins, Patches and Stickers: These pins, patches and stickers all feature important political messages, with cute illustrations to boot! All are under $12.

#19. Sunday Skies Candles: Hand-poured in Ottawa, these soy wax candles come in hearts, shells, daisies and even lamps! At only $21 a pop, you can grab one for all your besties!

#20. People I've Loved Cards: No gift is complete without a card! At only $7, these adorable illustrations from People I've Loved will bring a smile to anyone's face.

December 02, 2021 — Regine Paquette