Victoire Loves Ya

Pals, this has been for us, as for all of you, an incredibly difficult time with information constantly evolving. At this time, we no longer feel that it's in the public good to open our doors for business. As a small business that supports small designers, a tiny team that works their butts off, and a business within a community of small businesses, there was so much to weigh! But this feels like the right decision for now. We will keep you updated as far as a re-opening date!

Financially this is gonna be hard, but we feel supported by so many and feel really good about keeping the online shop updated and vibrant. Providing those who need it a beautiful escape and beautiful goods to your doorstep!

For so many of us who are healthy and worried about the public good and wondering what positive actionables we can do: donate blood! A blood shortage in a crisis is a crisis. It makes a huge difference to help our hospitals run smoothly.
Donate Blood, let us know you did and we will give you 15% off your next web order.

We really, really love ya.
Spread kindness.
Regine & Katie
16 mars, 2020 — Ainslie Lahey