We are very excited to be facing this new challenge on how to welcome you into our space in a way that can delight your fashion fantasy and connect us again IRL. We are currently re-arranging our space, re-imagining our customer service to offer you more, going over every safety precaution, and well perhaps over-thinking it but that's just us! We love what we do and want Victoire to blossom in these new times.

Because we are still at the brainstorming & trouble-shooting stage, we don't have an announcement on an opening date quite yet. But, we will now be offering curb-side pick up on a regular basis every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 1:00-4:00 pm. We can also make arrangements for evenings and/or weekends if you need. 

If you experience a great in-store shopping experience elsewhere, we would love to hear how it worked for you! We want to hear ALL the ideas!

We are able to make this decision to move slowly because of the support we have had from everyone shopping online, so thank you! Each order is a gift to us that we greatly appreciate,
Regine & Katie 
20 mai, 2020 — Ainslie Lahey