We are excited to announce that Thief & Bandit will be sending some of their fun, playful, silkscreened sets and turtlenecks to our Ottawa location as part of our Lingerie Pop Up! They will also be available to shop online too, but only from February 8th until Sunday February 11th!

Founded and designed by Amie Cunningham, Thief & Bandit is a line of intimates made entirely out of organic cotton - literally the healthiest fabric to wear against your skin! Each piece is made in Halifax, and silkscreened with her unique and playful illustrations, from cats to snakes! It's underwear you can lounge in, and feel simultaneously sexy and comfortable. Amie answered our interview questions and discusses what lingerie means to her. 

V: What do you want us to feel when we wear your designs? 

A: I want you to feel empowered, responsible (for buying ethical and eco conscious clothing) sexy and a little bad ass!

V: On a dream day, how long until you get dressed? 

A: Geez, infinity.  I don't really want to get dressed - could live in a robe and slippers. 

V: When do you feel most beautiful?

A: After a long relaxing bath. 

V: What inspired you to create lingerie/lounge wear?

A: I wanted to make my own underwear ever since we got started in the cut/sew business.  I love soft, comfortable and cute high waisted underwear and it was missing from the market, so the only option was to pattern out the perfect pair and bralette to match.

V: When we are all nestled and comfy in your dreamy designs, what book would you recommend to us?

A: Kim Gordon's 'Girl in a Band' - obsessed with her.

V: If you were to host a sleepover: who do you invite, where do you go, what do you eat, and is it chat-all-night, marathon make-out sesh or binge-watch-TV (if so what show!?)?

A: I would invite my best girls, we would drink wine, listen to records, make a charcuterie board and read tarot cards. 

V: How does being a Canadian Indie designer influence your ethos, creativity and/or sense of community? Are you tempted to beautify the long-john?!

A: When I moved my business from Richmond Virginia to Halifax, Nova Scotia (my husband is American and I'm Canadian - in a nutshell we moved back to Canada because I was pregnant with my second son without health insurance. It was an abrupt but welcome change) I was a bit scared to get my already established business started, but everything fell into place because the people here were so knowledgeable and helpful.  The process was pretty seamless.  The Halifax maker community is awesome and very supportive.  I feel so lucky to be here to raise my family and run my business.  I have four employees now, Pamela and Steph (both amazing and graduates from NSCAD textiles and fashion design,) Huda, our expert seamstress that immigrated to Canada over 10 years ago and Joanne, the meticulous sewing wizard behind many of our pieces.  I'm very grateful to have such an amazing team. I've never considered doing a long john design, but now you've got me considering it! 

Join us February 8th through Sunday February 11th and shop some choice pieces from her collection! From bodysuits and intimates, to turtlenecks we will have an array of styles and prints to choose from!