We are thrilled to announce a special event: Three of our favourite intimates designers are going to be featured in our shops on February 8th until Sunday Feb. 11th. Toronto's Lorette, Halifax's Thief + Bandit, and Vancouver's Strathcona are sending us some goodies from their lingerie and loungewear collections as part of a special self-love  pop up event at Victoire.

Lingerie is the most private item of clothing we wear. It's the first layer you put on, and can make you feel any type of way towards your body.   The mindset of the designer may be embedded in their creations, and hopefully influence the wearer to feel more then just utility of the item. We hope in better getting to know the designer, their mindset and creative-drive may be revealed leaving you the opportunity to feel extra about your underthings!

We've prepared a fun interview for you to read, with founder and designer behind Lorette, Laure Stromboni. Hailing from France originally, her new found home is Toronto, where she creates her stunning line of women's lingerie. She will be launching her new Mystical Collection as part of this pop up, and will be at the Toronto store to talk to us a bit about what has inspired her to create lingerie.

"When la fille Lorette’s focus is on love, she becomes herself. And that’s what she likes: to be herself. Lorette was created for women who want to celebrate their female sensuality while declaring that it’s ok to be vulnerable. This is our strength. That space where love and fear exist simultaneously. This makes us both strong and soft."


V: What do you want us to feel when we wear your designs?  

L: Feminine. Inspired in your own womanhood.  Powerful, assertive, and a little french  ; )

V: On a dream day, how long until you get dressed? 

L: I usually get dressed within 10 minutes, starting by choosing the right underwear according to my mood and how my body feel that day.  Often it helps dictate my clothes for the day. 

V: When do you feel most beautiful?

L: On a night out with my husband. 

V: What inspired you to create lingerie/lounge wear?

L: In France, lingerie is one of the most important items for a woman. I am inspired to create pieces for women to re-discover their own sensuality, enjoy their body and embrace their feminine power. I grew up with powerful women around me, each with their own form of strength. They are the real inspiration and I found that I am surrounding myself with the same types of women here in Toronto. These experiences play a huge part of my creative process. 

V: When we are all nestled and comfy in your dreamy designs, what book would you recommend to us?

L: The Second Sex from Simone de Beauvoir. 

V: If you were to host a sleepover: who do you invite, where do you go, what do you eat, and is it chat-all-night, marathon make-out sesh or binge-watch-TV (if so what show!?)? 

L: Aretha Franklin, Jean Paul Gaultier, Patricia Arquette and Chelsea Handler. 
I would host a dinner in the south of France, probably Corsica, in a dreamy villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 
We would talk all night about sexuality and spirituality. 

V: How does being a Canadian Indie designer influence your ethos, creativity and/or sense of community? Are you tempted to beautify the long-john?!

L: As challenging as it is to source and manufacture everything here, the enthusiasm and interest that Canadian people have shown for a locally made product has been really encouraging and inspiring. I think we are starting to look at what Canada has to offer more closely and I am excited if I get to play a small part of it. But I’ll leave the long-john to the real Canadian.