I rode my bike to work today and rediscovered a local treasure. The Parkdale Market is open 7 days a week and sells beautiful local produce at very reasonable prices. I had a half hour to kill so I browsed and picked up some sweet corn and garlic scapes. Mmm, going to chop up the scapes in some butter to melt over the roasted corn. This is also a really sweet recipe for Garlic Scape Pesto. Back to the original idea for this post, I rode my bike to work today in a dress. It is too freaking hot to wear anything else! Mabel (my sweet ride) and I cruised the Ottawa River Parkway and felt cool as a cucumber. On a hot day like this, I encourage you to hop on your bike wearing a pretty dress and go explore a new neighbourhood, buy fresh veggies or picnic by the river.

Supayana dress $110 (available at West only)

Allison Wonderland Rome dress $144 (available at West only), Species by The Thousands necklace $135 (available at both locations), Isaac & Inger suede purse $205 (available at West only)

Dagg and Stacey Alcott dress (now on sale $157, available at West and at Dalhousie in Olive)
Also somewhat related, The Shephards of Good Hope is having a garden party at their Hope Garden to raise awareness and funds for their garden to table program. Volunteers tend the gardens each week to provide fresh vegetables for the folks at the shepherds of Good Hope soup kitchen. The open house is Saturday August 17 between 10 am and 1 pm at the Kilborn Allotment Gardens.

14 juillet, 2013 — Christine Chesser (noreply@blogger.com)