Whomever knows what movie my title is from I will give you the largest hug I can physically muster-up! On that note, our summer sale has started, and you would be so silly to not come by and get up to 70% off past season stock AND tons of deals on recent Summer stuff! Here are some gems that are marked down to some ball-busting low prices!!!!!

Valerie Dumaine, Estel,  SALE: $110.00 REG: $139.00 (Dalhousie location only)
Betina Lou, Lana Shirt, SALE: $96.00 REG: $120 (available in all white as well, available at both locations)

Birds Of North America, Tick Tick Dress, SALE: $147.00, REG: $184.00 (Available at both locations)
 Come visit either location for our great SALE rack and regular stock! You won't be disappointed.
13 juillet, 2013 — emily rose (noreply@blogger.com)