We've got a new "Shop Talk" video for y'all, this one is my favourite one yet cos it gives a little sneak-peak into probably the best part of owning the shops, which is meeting with our designers every season and seeing their collections and making our selections for y'all to buy and enjoy. 

I'm sure many of you guys are aware, but our buying happens many, many months before the clothes actually make it to the shop floor. In the next month or so we'll be starting the process all over again, meeting with every one of our designers in order to place orders for Spring/Summer 2014. This video gives you a little sneak peak of our Fall/Winter 2013 buying for Valerie Dumaine, probably our best-selling designer in the shop and one we've carried since our very humble beginnings. 

In this video you'll get to see glimpses of some of the pieces you can expect to see from her in our shop probably in about a month and a half...we're already dying of anticipation for that HOT PINK top, that black and white rose print dress and leather leather leather (detailing, and full leather crop tops). Let us know what you're most excited to see in the shop from these quick little glimpses!


15 juillet, 2013 — Victoire (noreply@blogger.com)