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It's the last Sunday before Christmas, do you suspect your better half hasn't picked up on any of your gentle nudges? The notoriously bad shopper in your life hasn't planned ahead to get you a gift worthy of your love and affection? Did you go overboard on them and feel like they better get you something really, really special? If you've got the kind of love that deserves more than a gas card and box of chocolates, send them down!

This Sunday at the West Wellington location in Ottawa and the Ossington shop in Toronto we'll be hosting a beer and junk food extravaganza (yes, there are rumours of a platter full of cheeseburgers...) to ensure all of you get something super special under the tree!  We'll be staying open until 6pm and will have extra staff on hand to help get that shopping list done! Our lovely neighbours on West Wellington will be taking part in the fun too!

Tips to give your intimate partner:
- Your size, cause Iris denim would look pretty under the tree!
- A ring of yours so we know your finger size!
- A reminder that you do in fact have your ears pierced, and like bold and every day styles!
- What you already have, and what you want!
Motherssistersniecesfriends: they all like gifts too!

Get 'Er Done, Hun!
Sunday 18th 11:00-6:00 p.m.
Beer by Beau's, junk food and lovely ladies on staff to help solve your gifting quandaries!

December 16, 2016 — Mariah Carey