For most of us, the holidays are a fun and loving time, where you spend time with family and close friends. There are parties, big family dinners, gift exchanges, and good times filled with laughter and cheer. But that may not be the case for everyone you know. I think we all have a friend who isn't the most jolly at this time of year. It could be for various reasons, like Seasonal Affective Disorder (better known as SAD), or a sense of alienation from their family, or perhaps their family is far away and they weren't able to travel home this year.

If you have a friend who is need of a little cheering up, we have some sweet gift suggestions that work for even the most modest of budgets.

Here are a few things in the shop that bring a smile to my face.

Number one on my list is the classic "Things Will Work Out" Pin from People I've Loved. 

This pin just says it all. It's a beautiful sentiment, a lovely illustration and a nice reassurance that even when times are tough, your buddy has a buddy who's there for them and everything is going to be okay. 

Next is something that will make them laugh out loud, and we know laughter is the best medicine! The Okie Dokie Over Easy Socks and Raspberry Sorbet socks are just the cutest and silliest pair of socks we ever did see. 

They're sure to cheer your pal up, and the best part is they're only $11! So it's the perfect little something to brighten their day.

Another favourite thing in our shop are the ever so classic Oprah stickers. Oprah always doles out sage advice and these amazing hand drawn stickers will always remind your friend to ask "What Would Oprah Do?" (A Victoire motto around here!) You will truly be giving your friend the gift of wisdom. (Maybe even throw in an A-Ha Moments DVD for a little extra inspiration. Then watch it together and eat a lot of ice cream!!)

A little bit of light reading is also a good way to unwind over the holidays and escape for a little while. We just received an amazing line of books from a small publishing company based out of Montreal called Metatron. They publish young, up and coming writers. On my list is "An Indoor Kind of Girl" by Frankie Barnet. This book features 5 stories where the characters stumble through their daily existence, frequently feeling confused, rejected, bored, disillusioned or misunderstood, which I think we can all relate to feeling at least one of those things at some point! 

Check out the rest of the Metatron collection we have here.

Last but not least, these are maybe the best gift of all:

 The Tough As Fuck embroidered hoop! Made by the talented Haligonian Anna Taylor, these embroideries are all done by hand (her hands!) and naturally dyed. Each one is unique and special and they have lots of different sayings. We're swooning over them!

Check the rest out here!

Now go spread some holiday cheer!