Hello hello!

Did you know that one of our *ultimate* favorite things is to help people find perfect gifts!? Here's a couple of our favorite jewelry gift options for this seasons:

1. Marguerite studs by Lovers Tempo

Perfectly shimmery and shiny. 


2. Earth Earrings by Stefanie Sheehan

These beauties are hand carved, then casted in brass. Inspired by nature and a perfect gift for that outdoorsy person in your life. 

3. Teardrop Rings by Sarah Sear

These sterling silver rings are available different hand cut stones ; labradorite, rose quartz, moonstone, lapis, amethyst. They are hand made in Halifax + make a great little gift.

4. Herkimer Diamond Studs by Rare specimen  

These little raw herkimer diamond studs are for sure some of my favorites. Hand made in Hamilton, these are a great gift option for that tricky gift exchange - I mean really, who doesn't like (herkimer) diamonds?

5. Bloom Drop Earrings by Neal

Flowers!! Forever flowers!! Perfect gift for that flower lover. These earring are fabulous and are sure to make heads turn. 

6. Stalactite Necklace by Beach Bones

This sleek necklace has the deepest blue lapis stone - it will beautifully complement anyone with blue (or brown, or green, or grey) eyes. 

7. Marlene Necklace by Cartouche MTL

This beautifully designed black rope necklace is simple and sophisticated. A perfect minimalist gift IMO. 

Shop local this Christmas and support independent makers. All of these pretty and shiny things are available on our web store + in  shop! We really do work with the most talented and creative designers (blessed!!!).

Lots of love, 




December 20, 2016 — Ainslie Lahey