If you've been lusting after two or three pieces - or let's face it- the entire Birds of North America collection this season, then this is your chance to get them all!


From Wednesday, Jan 25th until Saturday Jan 28th, we're giving you an EXTRA 15% off when you buy two or more Birds of North America pieces! Everything is already 20% off and now you'll get a little bonus discount on top of that! We've got everything stocked up for you online with what's available between all of our shops so you can shop comfortably from you bed (or the office!) if you can't make it to the store. Use code FLYAWAY at checkout to get the discount!

We are definitely excited about this sale and hope you are too! These are truly the lowest prices of the season. The best part is, if you know your size you can pretty much get any of the dresses without trying them on! Birds has such a consistent fit, so it makes shopping that much easier.

Be sure to swing by the Wellington or Toronto shops, or head to the sale online and grab your size before its gone!

Pictured in order from beginning:

Wood Rail dress in Burnt Orange and Charcoal

Apalis Dress in Navy and Green

Chat Top and Amazon Skirt in Brown

Munia Top and Forktail Skirt in Red and Blue

Peppershrike Dress in Brick

Caracara Dress in Green and Navy