While it may be snowing and blustery, we know some of you are lucky enough to be going away somewhere with sunshine and warm weather soon which is why we've partnered with Minnow to give you first dibs on their 2017 collection! 

This is only our first shipment, and boy is it already getting us excited to plan our next vacation and/or invite ourselves over to our friend-with-the-hot-tub's place! There is plenty more coming but here is a taste of what they are offering up this season.

Inspired by the wallpapers of William Morris and the beauty of the Pre-Raphaelite movement, this collection celebrates nature as the muse. From the hand-drawn florals, to the bold and bright splashes of colour, this collection not only looks good, but it offers the same functionality and flattering fits we've come to love from the label. 


From sophisticated florals to stunning, earthy jewel tones, this is the softer side of Minnow. Mesmerizing marigold and cobalt blue make an appearance alongside neutral black and chocolate brown giving this collection an ethereal spin. 

We hope you are as excited about this collection as we are! We are already dreaming up our days of lounging poolside or heading to the beach. We may just have to sneak in a day at Nordik Spa so we can start wearing one of these beauties ASAP!



Pictured from Top: 

Isabella Top and Delphi Bottoms in Lilies at Twilight

Briar Top in Lilies at Twilight

Rosalie Top in Midnight Narcissus and Delphi Bottoms in Obsidian

Isabella Top and Delphi Bottoms in Obsidian

Isabella Top and Delphi Bottoms in Midnight Narcissus

Briar Top and Fay Bottoms in Boreas


February 03, 2017 — Ainslie Lahey