We're always on the look out for exciting and innovative designers and we are beyond excited to introduce you to some new names here at Victoire! Not only are these designers just super rad and creative, but a few of them have amazing 

One of our favourite new lines to carry comes out of Montreal. We're welcoming Elektrek Clothing to the Victoire family this week and we think you're gonna love it just as much as we do!

Elektrek Clothing was founded in 2008 by Amanda Di Genova an illustrator/t-shirt enthusiast based in Montreal, QC. The overall idea behind Elektrek is to create and wear art inspired by the city, pop culture and anything that interests them. They collaborate with different artists to come up with new designs. For this collection, they collaborated with YAWN, a graphic design and illustration duo made up of Annika and Sandra from Dortmund, Germany.

From the design to the message, this is a line we are so happy to be carrying!

Pictured from top: Gay Okay Dad hat in Baby Blue and Grey and Navy Gay Okay Crew Neck Sweaters

Another illustrator who's work we are excited to be carrying is Alisha Davidson.

Lovers Enamel Pin

Based in Toronto, she illustrates femininity in all its forms. From her Boob Totes to her Reclining Nudes Calendars, to a cute dog pin, she has a sense of humour and positive feminist vibe that compliments what Victoire is all about.

We're also really excited to be carrying a local jewelry line from Ottawa by Mila Vardaei! She creates jewelry out of aluminum, brass and semi precious stones. She creates beautiful geometric shapes out of the metal, often with detailed etchings or hammered finishes. 

Vardi Kana Earrings

They have a modern look that will be in good company with our other jewelry designers!

Vardi Raaga Necklace

Vardi Talina Earrings

And last but surely not the least! We are SO. BEYOND. EXCITED. To introduce Iris Denim's latest style the MIRAGE JEAN. Always inspired by the likes of badass babes like Siouxsie Sioux, Debbie Harry and Kathleen Hanna, these jeans will be the cherry on top of your already amazing collection. They are the perfect high waisted design you've come to love, with a cropped leg and perfectly proportioned kick flare. 

Everything here is available at the Wellington shop and Toronto shop, as well as online! Now go kick some misogynistic ass this weekend at the Women's march!