We have been hustlin' hustlin' over here to make sure our webstore has exactly the stuff we have IN STORE. Luckily we have an array of lovely friends that don't mind us bugging them on the weekly to model for us. We love that we can reach you guys outside of the city and send you Victoire goods+love! If ever you have any questions about something online, feel free to e-mail us your question or give us a ring at one of our three locations. Here are some new pieces we have added to the shop!

*Free Shipping for orders over $150*

Eve Gravel Sailor Dress - $178 - Available at Dalhousie, Wellington and online
Samantha Pleet Wave Dress - $335 - available online and at Wellington

Samantha Pleet Park Romper - $419 - available online and at Wellington.

Eve Gravel Bill Dress - $210 - available at Dalhousie, Toronto and online.

Head over to www.victoireboutique.com to check out all of the updates!
March 28, 2015 — Regine Paquette