Part 2 in our "Get to know your shopgirl" series (you can read Part 1 with Ainslie here!). This week is Katie! Katie co-owns Victoire with Regine. She lives in Ottawa and splits her time between raising two of the most adorable, rambunctious kids and TCB'ing (Taking Care of Business) at all 3 shops.
1. What is your zodiac sign? 
As Regine says, "obviously a Taurus!" [while making bull ears!]
2. What do you do at Victoire?
I like to imagine myself as a switch board operator. Instead of connecting phone calls, I am connecting aesthetics with moral values; designers and customers; my co-workers' ideas with projects they can apply their talents to; our neighbouring businesses with events we can co-host; customers and our dreamy clothes, etc. I also do a bunch of boring computer work.
3. Which Beyonce video most accurately embodies your true nature? 
I like to imagine Beyonce's Party video as my retirement plan! All your pals together, someone always has the next batch of margaritas on and it's financially a possibility to live like that...I pray life leads my future self there!
4. Mom-ism: what is something you have picked up from your Mom? 
My mom drove me insane growing up because she is always 100% herself in every situation -- no filter. She believes you should always be over-dressed (which often means she is hitting up Giant Tiger in her fur coat and a slip dress), if it's funny, you scream-laugh with joy, work hard all day so that later you can relax in the bath with a giant bowl of popcorn and a G&T (a splash of tonic is enough!). She refers to all girls as her dollies (my early feminist self hated this, but now I think it's so charming!) and gave Sonny (my infant son) a nickname already which is "Angel Baby!"  I am so glad now that I was raised by an eccentric woman. Now I let my kids see my madness always. I have picked up from my mom to not be 'beige' when you can be rainbow, sparkle or leopard print!
5. Describe your perfect day off. 
I'm laying in the heat of sunlight with a fucking fantastic book wearing a super cute outfit that I feel great in, my man is making an incredible lunch, I can hear my friends laughing while playing with my kids, I get a text from each shop saying they are packed with happy customers, and we have plans later to go to a Space Disco dance party (OBVIOUSLY).... I think I am likely in Palm Springs. 
6. You are doing the slow, dramatic walk down the stairs in your prom dress in a teen movie. What song is playing?
The Rolling Stones "She's Like a Rainbow" or Talking Heads "Psycho Killer," depending on if I am going out with my love or my rad girl gang!
7. Recommend something to me! (Book, movie, album, restaurant, etc.)
I just finished "We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live" by Joan Didion and it was fantastic. I have all these post-it note quotes from it all over my house now. Combined with reading Miranda July's latest novel and Viv Albertine's autobiography, I love how all of these women produced great works while also parenting. I often feel like people ask if I feel changed now that I am a parent. No shit, I have changed! How boring would life be if I didn't keep changing? Change doesn't scare me; what scares me is the thought that parenting could suck all my brain power, leaving no creative/reflective energy behind. These books are beacons of hope, reminding me that you just need to keep being your curious/evolving self. Full disclosure: none of these books are actually about mothering or parenting per se, but I just made that connection since all of the writers are moms.
I would also recommend calling your grandma! If you don't have one that is alive, befriend an older woman around you. When you are talking about your life and sharing your thoughts, don't sugar coat it -- don't assume they can't handle it. I find these friendships give me great perspective. 
March 30, 2015 — Regine Paquette