When you're shopping for your loved ones we know it can be super easy to overspend. You want to impress/show how grateful you are and appreciative of them and that's wonderful, but you don't want to completely drain your pocket book! 
We're going to make it easy for you and list some great jewelry for under 50 bucks! That's right, these are some staples that are no fail giftables for your girlfriends, best friends, daughters, mothers, nieces, whatever! Don't be surprised if you come in under budget! You may even be able to squeeze in something for yourself ;)

The Liana Marie bracelets are super cute and easily stackable! Made from a vintage brass cuff and crystal beads, they have a timeless look and will go with anything she wears. You can find them in stores and 

Goldeen created these lovely stacking rings that are great for the jewelry lover who likes to mix it up! Made from sterling, rose gold and yellow gold, these rings can be stacked all together or worn separately and stacked with her other rings. Perfect combo!

And who doesn't love a necklace with a sweet saying? Give someone that extra boost of inspiration with one of her "hope", "dream" or "love" necklaces. 

Top : Liana Marie Victoria Bracelets - $50 each. Selection of these three colours available at all 3 locations and online. 
Bottom Left: Goldeen set of three stacking rings - $25 - available at Dalhousie and West. 
Bottom Right: Gwen D engraved necklaces $21 each, selection available at all three locations.

Steel Magnolia Bangles - $15 each - selection varies at each location.

Our Steel Magnolias bangles are a tried and true staff favourite. They look great on and come in different shapes and styles. The best part? They're only 15 bucks each (say what now?!) and are perfect for stacking or wearing on their own. Give one to each of your besties as a more "grown up" kind of friendship bracelet. 

Another favourite of both staff and shoppers alike are these Salvage Jewelry studs. I can't tell you how many people have bought these! We have a wide selection at each shop, from small dainty ones to bigger statement studs. They are made from recycled brass (great for the eco conscious!) and are mounted on sterling silver posts. So cute and simple - and they really look expensive!

Salvage Jewelry Hexagon Studs - $20 - selection of studs available at all three locations. These are available online.

Salvage Round Concho studs - available at all three shops and online
Last but not least are Gwen D's amazing charm necklaces. This BC designer is inspired by all things vintage and out of nature. She will dig through antique stores to find the perfect victorian anchor charm, and will etch each detail found on a pinecone to get it just right. She even finds working harmonica charms! Cast in bronze, white bronze and sterling silver, we have a wide range from bumblebees to starfish, arrows to engraved wax seal charms (for those who like to keep it old school!) Pick out the one that suits your giftee the best and make them say "How did you know?!". We also have a selection available online here

Gwen D Charm Necklaces - Selection available at all three locations and online. Prices range between $30 and $45.
Happy shopping!! And remember, Tuesday the 9th (next week!) is our Dalhousie Shopping Night! We are taking 10% off clothing, AND jewelry! So come on down and cross some names off your shopping list!