You know how hard your mom works. You were a handful as a baby/child/teenager/adult. She did your laundry through college, let you live in her basement until you were 29 and had finally paid off your student loan. She was there for you through your breakups, being fired, getting Fs on your report card, and she said "you're special" and made all the pain go away. 
And the cherry on top? She never asks for anything in return for being your therapist/landlord/personal chef/taxi driver/keeping all of your secrets. Moms could seriously blackmail their kids if they wanted to; think about it. So to prevent that from happening, shower her with lovely gifts this holiday season and show your gratitude. 

Gift idea #1 is Nina Marchewka's amazing hand made ceramic mugs. She's done a new batch for us in a creamy glaze mixed with a textured rustic clay. These can be found in the Goods section at West or in the Goods Webstore. The perfect accompaniment to her favourite warm comforts (maybe throw in a can of cocoa for her as well - and some bailey's!)
Selection of letter stamped mugs available. 
Mugs are all $35.
The winter months are tough on us, especially on our skin. Help your mom feel rejuvenated with Province Apothecary's all natural Rejuvenating Serum. It replenishes skin's health by stimulating skin on a cellular level. It is high in antioxidants and helps reduce the look of fine lines and improve skin tone. The perfect winter pick me up! Can be found in our webstore or at all three locations. 

7 ml - $26, 30ml - $76. Available at all three locations and online.

We also have some wonderful perfumes by Province Apothecary that provide a nice, not overbearing, scent. They are free of dyes and synthetic materials, and free from all that other bad stuff! It's a gift that she wouldn't necessarily buy for herself because it is more of a treat, and how often do moms treat themselves? Mom will love it. 
Province Apothecary Perfume - $46 - available at all three locations and online.
We have a variety of scents available at all three locations and online. We also have a selection of therapeutic roll ons that are calming and soothing. You can find them in stores and online.
Now if you want to treat your mom to something really special, look no further than Ilsa Loves Rick. Their jewelry is so elegant and understated. Their pieces are made from 14k gold fill or rose gold fill and sterling silver and can be worn everyday without feeling fancy. We have an array of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces to choose from.
Ilsa Loves Rick - Left: Bakers Dozen Necklace, $175. Centre: The Circle - $99. Right: Oval - $99. All 3 available at Dalhousie and Wellington.

Gift idea #4 is perfect for the mom on the go (which we all know is EVERY mom - like seriously when do they ever stop!?). The Lili purse by Cantin is minimalist in design, but holds every ounce of style. It's compact but fits all the essentials, and she won't have to dig around trying to find her car keys. It's made from felted wool and leather, which means it's made to last. She can knock this bag around and it will stand the test of time. 
Cantin Lili Purse - $160 - available at Dalhousie, Wellington and online. Also comes in soft grey felt with black leather.

Another great option for a mom who loves to cook are these cutting boards by Ottawa's Drew Moseley. Made from Santos Mahogany, it's durable and beautiful. If your mom is like mine, she can never have too many cutting boards.
Drew Moseley Cutting Board - ranges from $65-$95 depending on size - available in the Goods section on Wellington or on their website.
Now go surprise your mom with one (or some!) of these amazing gifts!

December 09, 2014 — Ainslie Lahey