We all have a few lil ones in our lives: they of the tiny shoes, the adorable sweaters, the inquisitive looks and charming giggles. If my poetic waxing actually confused you, I'm talking about KIDS! Look, I'm no expert, and I know very little about kids other than I was once one myself and so, I present to you the Victoire Gift Guide for the Mini-Me. 

This year we have a lot of new offerings for both the little kids who like to play, and some of the older ones who will just appreciate special gifts from their favourite auntie (or uncle, or parent or grandparent, or godparent, or whoever else --- you're all included). 

Our super popular Bad Kitty tee was recently made in kid-sizes so that's a great option. Here are two of our fave little ladies, Mila and Lolo, showing off their rascal kitty t-shirts.
Victoire 'Bad Kitty' tshirt for kids, $25. Assorted sizes and available at all 3 shops. 
Speaking of kitties, we still have a couple pairs of cat-ear barrettes from Coral & Tusk kicking around! These are just soooo cute on anyone (ahem, I've worn the bunny version, and I'm a grown ass woman) but kids love 'em. 
Coral & Tusk Cat Ears, embroidered on felt, on sale for $29 (down from $45). Available at 129 Ossington or on our webstore. 
We recently picked up this beautiful line of children's toys from Montreal called Des Enfantillages. This little hockey stick and felted ball are an awesome toy for boys and girls and totally safe to play with in the house. I used to love these little hockey sticks when I was a kid. At the time, I'd say that these kinds of toys were really geared towards boys, but I played with my brother's mini hockey sticks anyway. I think these toys do a great job of not playing up the gender binary aspect involved in so much toy marketing. And that's how it should be! Everyone have fun! Everyone play! 
Des Enfantillages Mini-Hockey stick. Available at all three shops.  $36. 
Another couple fun toys from this line are the slingshot (which includes colourful felted balls for knocking around) and hand-painted jumping ropes.  All pieces are handcrafted with love in Montreal. 
Des Enfantillages Slingshot. Available at all 3 shops and online. $26. 
Des Enfantillages Jumping Rope, $18. Available at all 3 shops and online. 
Another sweet gift I'd recommend for a young lady in your life would be a cute pair of notebooks from Rifle Paper Co. When I was a little one, there was hardly anything I enjoyed more than drawing, doodling and writing little poems (pretty sensitive kid, I GUESS). The pages in these notebooks are unlined so they are great for nurturing your little buddy's creative side, whether she uses it for drawing or writing out her ideas and thoughts. And we have so many pretty sets for you to pick from! 
Rifle Set of 2 Small Notebooks, assorted pairings available, $14. Available at all shops and online
ANYWAY. All this is to say, we have a great selection of goodies appropriate for kids of ALL ages in the shops and online so come and check it out! Bet you'd be surprised what you can find at Victoire these days. 
December 01, 2014 — Regine Paquette