Do you have a friend who thinks there is life on other planets? Do you ever catch your girlfriend on this website before she quickly closes her laptop screen? Is her favourite movie Contact and is she obsessed with Neil deGrasse Tyson? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, chances are your bff/gf is a bonafide Space Babe.
Here are some out-of-this-world gift ideas for the gal who can't get her head out of the clouds.
Salvage Moon Rings - Sterling Silver : $45, Brass $40. Available at Dal and West and online
A staff favourite are these adorable moon rings by Salvage Jewelry. Made from sterling silver or recycled brass with a gold fill band, these rings are great for stacking. Any moon goddess will be happy to pull one of these out of her stocking!
Salvage Jewelry Sunrise Ring - Sterling silver: $40, Brass: $45. Available at Dal, West and online. In Dreams Constellation Dish - $20, available at all three locations and online.
We've also got their counterpart, the Sunrise ring. Brighten up your pal's day by gifting her one of these charming little rings! The In Dreams Constellation Dish would make a great pairing, so she can keep all her delicate jewelry in one place. Bonus points if you know her sign! (That's when you know it's real.)
Next up are these dainty,  rose gold plated star and moon mismatched studs by Goldeen. So freakin' cute amirite?! They are very small, which is great for an everyday earring gal who doesn't like to fuss! She can pop these on, and if, after a late night she forgets to take them off, she won't have to worry about crushing or breaking them. Perfect for low-maintenance babes. (bonus points for real gold!)
Goldeen Star and Moon studs - $20, available at Dal, West, and online.
For the Sailor Moon fanatics - here's a great set to let everyone know she is the Moon Princess. All of these brass pieces are by Natalie Joy, and they are just too lovely! 

Natalie Joy Moon Ring - $50 - available at all three shops and online; Moon Necklace- $40 - available at all three shops; Moon Studs available at all three shops and online.
For the crafty space-babe/space dude we have these amazing constellation calendars by Heather Lins in our Goods section at West. Each month they get to connect the stars with glow in the dark (!!!) embroidery thread. 
$29 in the Goods section at our Wellington shop.
And last but not least, "The Night's All Right" Explorer's Press patch! The perfect patch to adorn your loved one's denim jacket or favourite bag, the perfect accompaniment for those moonlit adventures. Can be easily ironed on, or stitched for added security. 
Explorer's Press Patch $7 - available at Dalhousie, West and online.
November 27, 2014 — Ainslie Lahey