To me, there is truly nothing cooler than a jumper. For any kind of soirée (yes, you get invited to "soirées") jumpers are just that perfect combination of statement-making, while also not looking like you're trying too hard. Cos they really are so easy! No fuss, plus they instantly say "I have the guts to wear this", while everyone else is probably playing it a little bit safe (and boring). We posted about the Samantha Pleet Empress jumper a few posts back, but this one from Darling is great because it totally fits the bill for all those holiday parties creeping up.

The Thea jumper has a slight sheen, making it totally appropriate for a formal event. What I dig about it most too is that it definitely harkens to the 70s disco jumpsuit of my dreams without being a total throwback. 

The Thea jumper is available at the Dalhousie & Toronto locations as well as online. But hurry as sizes are selling fast!
November 16, 2014 — Regine Paquette