These necklaces are $35 and available at both locations.

If you've visited our shops then you surely may have noticed our house line of jewelry, Steel Magnolias. What we love sharing with out customers is how it is re-imagined and altered vintage dead stock that Regine and Katie find on some of their buying trips. They bring these sweet treasures back to the little studio in our Wellington shop where we get them ready for you guys! They are made with a whole lotta love and in limited quantities which makes them special in their own right. 

Here's a look at some rad new pieces we've whipped up with some of the goodies brought back from a trip to New York this past June. They are available at both locations so swing by and check out the rest!

P.S. The following photos were taken by the very lovely and talented Magida El-Kassis. Be sure to check out her amazing work!

All earrings are $19. 
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