Ah summer! So far it has been fairly good to us, a little less rain would be nice but hey, the sun is shining and it's finally starting to feel like it's here to say! We hope everyone is feeling the good vibes as much as we are, but just in case we thought we would have a lil contest for ya!

Do you have a pal who is feeling the #summertimesadness? Well, here's your chance to make her feel better! Tag your friend in this picture on Instagram and she will be entered to win the Sea of Love dress from Eve Gravel! (retails for $192!) Don't have Instagram? No problem! Just send us her email address and she'll be entered! Yep, easy as that! And to double your chances, repost the picture on your own Instagram. A winner will be picked Friday night. Remember: If she wins, you get to borrow this dress WHENEVER you want!!! Yeah that's pretty much the best deal ever amirite? 

Now get tagging!! 

25 juin, 2015 — Ainslie Lahey