No doubt you have heard a zillion times while shopping at Victoire a variation on "How awesome will that look with your jean jacket!?!!!" And lord do we live by that truth! Nothing more precious than your perfect old beat up jean jackets with all your flair personalizing it.  Your jean jacket makes every outfit feel a little more lived in, makes a fancy dress feel more "laisser faire" and definitely shows the world your allegiances.

Victoire doesn't sell jean jackets (we strongly believe vintage is the only way to go). BUT we do sell tons of pins and patches to UPGRADE your jean jacket! Between Yo SickExplorer's PressBitter Betty or Rosehound, you're sure to find the pieces that are speaking to ya!

Looking for some major jean jacket inspiration? Check out our Blue Jean Baby Pinterest board!

Awesome illustration of flair in Office Space from tumblr...couldn't find the name of the artist :(

18 juin, 2015 — Ainslie Lahey