Rendez-Vous with Victoire

The evolution of our small business continues...

Ready for a Victoire story about transformation?  This starts off as a tale as old as time, in retail anyways...Our building in Toronto sold and after 6 great years loving our spot on Ossington, meeting the most amazing customers, loving our neighbouring businesses and having an incredible group of people working with us, we can no longer afford to stay on the block.  But that is where the tale takes a very singular twist.

Regine and I love our Toronto wing of the business and want to nourish it further while embracing the new realities of commerce in the city. We want to capitalize on the feedback we get from our lovely customers: shopping at Victoire means knowing they'll be in a fun and friendly atmosphere, with a curated aesthetic, a commitment to customer support, and a wide range of price points... All things we pride ourselves on!  We want to pivot towards doing more of what Victoire's reputation is built on, and not just more but in an enriched, dedicated way.  We want to offer a shopping experience that is tailored before you arrive through close communication on what pieces are a need, a want, a curiosity, and of course pieces that you want to play dress up with!  

We are calling it Rendez-Vous. It's part personal shopping experience, part pop-up, part hang-out fun times, and all about playing with fashion!  We will be coming to different spots in Toronto every 6 weeks or so. We want to do a combination of booked appointments and doors open, depending on each of your preferences and needs for that visit. We want to experiment with different locations, different times and mostly receive lots of feed back from you all to grow in this transformation.  We will also as much as possible have our beloved Toronto co-workers part of Rendez-Vous dates, cause they are the best of the best!

We are excited about 2020 in Toronto and really eager to be a new version of Victoire in a city we love! Until then we are open until Dec 31st. We would love to make sure to stay in touch so let us know if you already have some Rendez-vous preferences in terms of styles, locations, or snack requests ;)

Regine & Katie

December 06, 2019 — Ainslie Lahey