This is our 13th Holiday season, which just feels incredible! 

It also means we have become experts on summing up the must have's within our collection. For all those Victoire super fans who can feel intimidating, this list is for you!  And for all those on your list that you need a sure bet/ slam dunk gift to get a big WOW from, this list is also for you!


Who doesn't love a graphic tee that says it for you! Designed by N-Product  in Ottawa

 A Holiday classic in all its perfection: the Samantha Pleet Illuminated bodysuit needs to be under your tree!

Iris Denim, designed and made in Toronto, reputation is built on durability with a sexy bum, yes please to that combo!

Eleven Thirty purses, a gift that lasts the ages! Major major wow factor with this gift!

Thief & Bandit is hand silkscreened imaginative  prints made in Halifax on the soft eco fabrics. A gift guaranteeing the recipients thinks of you in the morning!


Nepheliad Open-hoops in three sizes and available in both silver and gold. For all those who loves a hoop, a streamlined ultra design look or those who love delicate barely-there... yup this design overlaps all those looks!


Sunday Feel is made in Halifax and makes earrings for all the maximalists on your list. When bigger is better, she has got you covered! 

December 09, 2019 — Ainslie Lahey