Here at Victoire, we're on a first name basis with the postal carrier who brings us (almost daily!) glorious packages from our many designers. Last week was no different when our order from Garden City Essentials came in the mail. This was particularly exciting for me because I have a deep love for natural skin care and smell-good soaps! Is that strange? I seriously love soap! Garden City Essentials is a 100% natural skin care line that is produced in Niagara, Ontario. That's right folks, made in Canada and buddies with the environment. I thought I would dive into a post about some of the products I'm looking forward to trying out myself! But first, a little more background on the company.

Garden City Essentials works with ingredients which are certified organic and fair trade, moreover, all of the products are cruelty free (the majority are also vegan!) and are minimally packaged. The products are made from scratch and are hand blended, and packaged in small batches. This means that each product is made with the utmost attention and detail! We're so excited to be carrying these beautifully holistic products in all three Victoire boutiques and online. Now, the good stuff. 

The Garden City Essentials Deodorant Cream! This comes in two sizes, the larger of the two is 130g. This has a gender neutral pleasantly fresh scent and is quickly absorbed for a dry finish that will keep you fresh all day. I was initially intrigued by this product because of the smooth texture and lovely scent, I also love that this is available in a mini size so I can keep one in my bag throughout the day!

This one has my name written all over it! It smells fantastic, a perfect subtle scent that is fresh and invigorating. The Garden City Essentials Charcoal & Sea Salt Soap is the best-selling item from the line, and for good reason because charcoal is very neat! Charcoal becomes activated when it is treated with oxygen at high heat. This results in extreme micro-porosity which allows the activated charcoal to absorb many times its own weight. Activated charcoal binds with toxins and draws impurities from the skin, helping to unblock pores. This soap is available in various other scents such as rosemary & mint, and lemongrass poppyseed. 

This Facial Toner is easy and convenient to use thanks to the pump and spritzing nozzle, I love that it eliminates the waste of using a cotton pad. This can be used whenever, but I'm usually drawn to toners after I wash my face and before I apply the rest of the skincare steps. This additionally makes a perfect addition to your purse for a spritz throughout the day to refreshen your skin and mood! 

There are so many exciting products from this line to explore, and luckily we have testers available at our storefront locations! Most of these products are also available on our web store for additional information, which can be found here