Halloween is one of the best times to get out of your comfort zone and rock an awesome get-up. However, with life always getting in the way, it can be hard to find time to come up with a good costume idea. So, here are 5 last-minute pop culture costume ideas, all using pieces from Victoire that you might already have!
#1. Patti Smith. Rock the white Fay blouse by Darling along with the Iris Denim jeans in Spellbound, mess up your hair a LOT and you are an uncanny resemblance to the proto-punk poet singer. Carry around a copy of Just Kids or M Train for bonus points.
#2. Wednesday Addams. The Isabelle dress by Act Three looks like something the Addams family littler sister sewed herself. Put your hair in braids and don't smile at anyone.
#3. Joe Strummer. The black Rhys jumpsuit by Dagg & Stacey reminds me so much of something Joe Strummer would wear on stage in the 70s or 80s while performing with The Clash. Wrap a bandana around your arm and sing “Rock The Casbah” on repeat.
#4. Jane Fonda in “9-5.” The Petronia dress by Birds of North America is the ultimate ode to 1970s secretaries. Pouf up your hair with an entire can of hairspray and don't let go of your cigarette.
#5. Karen from Mean Girls. When all else fails, throw on any dress you own and a pair of mouse ears. DUH!
October 30, 2016 — Alanna