Okay Summer, we get it, you don't want to leave, you feel like you haven't done your job, and now you're just trying to squeeze in the heat for this last week before October. Well, I thank you for your service but I think I speak for those of us who love the four seasons, that we are SO ready for some crisp fall weather! 40 degrees just isn't gonna fly with us anymore.

Not only is it making me dread walking to work in the morning, but I really really want to start wearing all of my favourite fall clothes! I want to enjoy the brief time we get to wear jean jackets over a thin shirt, jeans with the cool boots you can't wear in the snow, skirts and dresses that - let's face it - are just *too* short to wear without tights!

I want fall to last before I have to start covering up my outfits with a big winter coat!

Since there are SO. MANY. cute fall clothes in the shops right now, I'm just going to daydream about all of the outfits I will be wearing once the cool weather starts to hit! 


The new black Iris Denim Edge of Seventeen Jeans and Voulez-Vous jeans are major heartbreakers. The cut on the legs is super flattering, and to be honest, I never used to wear jeans until Iris came around. The way they fit on the leg and of course, the butt, is what makes me feel confident when I put them on, even if I'm having one of those days. 

The Voulez-Vous are truly the perfect 70s style cut, giving you the comfort and flattering shape of the high waist, and flaring out to *just* the right amount. Let's be clear - these are NOT boot cut. Capiche? 

I've also fallen hard for the Birds of North America Avocet Top. I love the array of neutral fall colours it comes in. You'd be surprised how many things pair so well with mustard yellow! The burgundy is also stunning, and can easily be styled under jumpers and dresses. The crop of the shirt hits you at the waist, making it unnecessary to tuck it in - such a bonus! It just fits perfectly and the fabric is beyond soft.

Another look we're loving is the midi-length dress. While we will always love the mini, the midi has its place in our wardrobes too. Sometimes you just don't want to show that much leg, or some days it's just wayyy too windy to risk anything above knee length! The Birds of North America Fulmar dress is the answer to our prayers. It is a much simpler shape than other styles from her collection, and we love the modern vibe she's going for. An easy tent-like shape that flares just enough to add some movement when you walk. It's available in three different fabrics: Black, Charcoal Grey and a really cool Black and Brown Stripes that is a bit lighter and really adds height! 

Psst: The Avocet turtleneck (and pretty much any other turtleneck!) looks super cute worn underneath the Fulmar Dress! 

We hope you're daydreaming of the crisp fresh fall air and the crunch of the colourful leaves! See you at the shops!