We feel you, guys

After a heatwave packed Summer where the last thing you wanted was to actually FEEL the clothing you were wearing (how often did we help you all find clothing that felt light as air, floated away from your body to let in the breeze, made you feel as though you were wearing nothing at all, made you look HOT but feeling COOL), what a switch it is to get to Fall and actually want to touch & feel your body wrapped in one of the many amazing textures on offer. But hey, seasons change and so too does what we seek from our wardrobes. Textured jacquard, cozy knits, croc-embossed leather, crinkled cotton, sequins, embroidery and other embellishments - your time has come! Take a peek in-store or online at all our new arrivals from Eve Gravel, Dagg & Stacey, Eleven Thirty, Bodybag & much more, and see if you're feelin' all these textures as much as we are.


September 17, 2018 — Ainslie Lahey