Pause for Autumn's Harvest

Crisp air,
Tree's with big colour,
Morning darkness lingering,
Clothing in autumnal tones to match the colours of our days.

In the words of Charlotte Mendelson:

Autumn is a snappy dresser; those flowers that remain, tangerine-orange calendulas, vein-dark dahlias, the lipstick sting of pineapple sage, pop spectacularly against a bright blue sky. And, at night, the cloudy puffs of breath and the mulchy stink of soggy leaves remind us that the garden is ours again. 

Pour a cup of chai tea and take a moment to appreciate the beauty Autumn has to offer, both sartorially and in the details of our natural world.

Katie and Regine

October 16, 2018 — Ainslie Lahey