We had the pleasure of welcoming a few new American lines into the shop at the end of 2014 (we call them honourary Canucks...), and like the Canadian designers we carry, they follow the same ethos. Very small companies, with quality products made by hand in an ethical way.

One of those additions was Stefanie Sheehan, and I quickly added one of her Day rings to my always-growing stack.

Stefanie Sheehan Day ring, 77$ available at all 3 locations & online
It's taking alot of restraint not to complete the set, with the matching necklace...or earrings. But Katie & I often need to remind ourselves to leave things for the customers :)

Then about a week ago we received her latest collection "Journeyer", and dang girl, she's done it again! There's something kindof sci-fi to it that I am really digging.

Journey Up Cuff, 156$. Available at all 3 shops & online
Journey Up ring, 77$. Available at all 3 shops & online.

March 22, 2015 — Regine Paquette