I love wearing dresses throughout the winter, but when it gets to -40 out there and I'm standing at the bus stop, I'm wishing I was wearing snowpants and a big ol' fur coat (and maybe a bubble around me?!). Thankfully though, they've invented the sweater dress for this very reason. I often thank the high heavens for these wondrous, sleeved soldiers who protect my body from getting chilled from the core. All I need are some fleece lined tights and I'm a happy cozy camper.
Covet Hi-Lo Dress $98 (all 3 locations), Westlake Design Cowl $120 (Wellington location), Westlake Design - Braided Headband $38 (all 3 locations), and Cantin Lili Purse, $160 (Dalhousie and Wellington)
Dagg & Stacey - Olive Dress $170 (all three locations), Westlake Design - Fisherman Beanie - $40 (all 3 locations) and Westlake Design  - Double Cowl $60 (all 3 locations)
Preloved - Club Sweater $ 132 (Dalhousie and Wellington location with assorted colors) and Westlake Design - Ultrathick headband $30
Dagg & Stacey - Fig Dress $220 (Dalhousie and Wellington shop) and Westlake Design - PomPom Toque $ 50 (all 3 locations).
October 14, 2014 — Ainslie Lahey