It's no secret we got in our first wave of new Birds of North America, and Shaya and I went *a little* crazy trying on all the dress and taking pictures the other day. As a result, here is a Birds oriented blog post to keep you in a good mood that, let's face it, fall is right around the corner. That means new clothes guys! Like we need another excuse to covet these beauties. 

Birds of North America Coronet dress,  194$ available at all 3 locations
As you know, Victoire prides itself in having a sort of "rock 'n roll tea party" aesthetic, and these dresses definitely ring true to that! Vintage inspired, but always classic, these dresses have a playful edge you can take to the office or out to a party. 
Birds of North America Bristlefront (L) and Woodnymph (R), both 196$ and available at all 3 locations
I LOVE the plaid on this dress - it really reminds me of Vivian Westwood's and Jean Paul Gaultier's punk aesthetic. What's more punk rock than red plaids? And yet, Birds of North America managed to create these sweet, feminine silhouettes to soften it up. Throw on a leather jacket and some black ankle booties and you'll be tough enough to take on fall, no problem. 

The Woodnymph dress has an added bonus - POCKETS! I don't know of anything better in life than a dress with pockets (okay maybe a few things are JUST as good, but like dresses with pockets are definitely up there)

Birds of North America has a very whimsical spirit and I often find myself being taken to another world when I wear her pieces. There is always a little twist to them, like with this gorgeous colour blocked number. It totally reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. 

Birds of North America Xenops, 189$ and available at all 3 locations

Birds of North America Thornbird, 209$ and available at all 3 locations
See what I mean? Not only is this dress 100% adorable, it fits amazingly and is SO comfortable. Like, it literally feels like I could fall asleep in the woods in it and that'd be totally okay. It is so incredibly soft. So come take a trip down the rabbit hole and get lost in our world of pretty dresses!

And Birds of North America enthusiasts take note: we will be hosting a Birds of North America Fall Collection Launch at our West Wellington location from Wednesday, August 27th to Saturday, August 30th. For those 4 days, we will have EVERY colour and style produced by Birds of North America for this Fall. It's your one chance to shop the collection like we do, with every size, colour & style a possibility. Not to be missed!!

August 19, 2014 — Ainslie Lahey