We've got three words for you. Beyoncé. Dance. Party. Need we say more?? This Saturday, July 12 at Babylon Nightclub Bey Bey All Night is going down and we couldn't be more excited for this if we tried. DJ Matt Tamblyn will be playing all the fun Bey tunes and many other artists we love like Destiny's Child, Jay-Z, Rhianna, and soooo much more!

Illustration by Chanelle Foisy - the rad Ottawa based gal behind With Love or Whatever!
Available at all three location and online for $35.
We'll be there to dance the night away and best believe we'll have some of our "Watermelon" tees for sale! If this all sounds to good to be true then you know what you've got to do. Cancel your other plans, tell all your girlfriends about this, and get yer freakum dress on!!

A lot of the Victoire gals are actually going to see Beyonce and Jay-Z tonight in T.O. (with floor seats!! go big or go home!) and will definitely be on a Bey high leading up to Saturday. Seriously, you don't want to miss out on the energy and fun vibes. Come come come!

July 09, 2014 — Victoire