We're already pretty deep into summer and that means cottages, vacations, and easy livin'. When it comes to easy livin', you really want to keep things simple so when you're packing for the cottage you're not trying to think of a bunch of cute cottage looks you could rock for the week long stay. Or if you're gonna be away for a few weeks and hopping on a plane, lugging around 50 lbs of your clothing isn't always fun. (Trust me, I've been guilty of this NUMEROUS times.) But now, I realize the value in packing light, and making sure I am comfortable + stylin' at all times - without going through as many wardrobe changes as Beyonce.

First up is my new summer top - the Joelle top by Valerie Dumaine. It's so light I forget I'm wearing it so I have to look down from time to time just to be sure. I love the muted grey and pastel mint. It looks great paired with some beat up light jeans, or my go to comfy/cute pants. 

Valerie Dumaine Joelle top - $99 - available at all 3 locations and online.
Next, you might want to add some bling to your look so of course a super sweet necklace can make the best accessory. Keeping with the mint theme, I really love the elegance of this Sheena Jewelry nekclace. I could totally picture myself wearing this with just a plain white tank and long black skirt and going out for drinks with some buds. Adds that little somethin' somethin'. 

Sheena Jewelry Lace necklace - $95 at West.
Now when you're standing around at Bluesfest or whatever summer festivals you're planning to hit up - or just generally enjoying the great outdoors on your camping/cottage vacay - you might want to protect your face! That sunshine can be real mean and leave your snoz totally red and burnt so to avoid that, rock the all seeing eye hat by The Lost City. Cause duh, you will look way cooler than if you just stuck a bunch of Ombrelle on your nose (obvi wear sunscreen though, for real) and you can totally see into people's souls! (Then you can find out who ate that lost hotdog at the bonfire).

The Lost City Eye Hat - $60. Available at all 3 shops and on our webstore! 
I'm always on the hunt for a purse that can fit the essentials and then a little extra. This leather pouch by Eleven Thirty is the perfect size to hold all you need for a day of adventuring. 

Eleven Thirty Leather Pouch - $210 - Westboro.
And last but not least, we all need to showcase what our favourite summer food is, and what better way than with one of Charziie's colourful tees. Hot dog? We got it. Watermelon? Got that too. My food of choice is ice cream, and once again I've got the mint thing goin' on. Mint chocolate chip to be exact.

Charziie Ice Cream Crop Top - $50 - Westboro.

July 11, 2014 — Ainslie Lahey